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Church Signs - Buy Signs For Churches

A church sign should reach out and invite new members in, mirror the values of the church it represents and should be one that offers people messages of hope, friendship and inspiration while serving as a standing invitation to the community at large.

We have a Church Sign for every location and every budget.

Ideas For Signs

If you need some inspiration for your new sign, take a look at these examples.

Please take a look at the examples below, the call us on 01539 628309 or email info@noticeboard.company

We Only Use Solid Aluminium – Don’t Buy Aluminium Composite

We’ve taken the decision to remove all ACM Signs (Aluminium Composite Material) from our website and replace them with Solid Aluminium. ACM was used on Grenfell Tower and is a cheaper and inferior product alternative to using Solid Aluminium.

Solid Aluminium is slightly more expensive than ACM but we think you’ll prefer the higher quality and safer product. Solid Aluminium Signs look better, and will last much longer.

Which Aluminium Is Best?

Aluminium is the obvious choice when it comes to tough, long-lasting panels, but what’s not always so obvious is why solid aluminium is the preferred choice. Allow us to help!

The following should give you some insight on how to make the most informed choice:-

Aluminium Composite Panels
Let’s look at Aluminium Composite (or ACM) panels first. ACM is a low cost ‘sandwich’ Aluminium around a Polyethylene core, resulting in something that’s rigid and lightweight. Ideal for those on a low budget. Its other advantage is that it’s really quick and easy to install and produces a reasonable quality print, aesthetically pleasing look, mainly due to the fact that it’s fine for reproducing text and graphics. Because of its tough and durable qualities, ACM is suited to both internal and external usage. It’s also super-simple to wipe down and keep looking smart and clean and is generally weather-resistant and can be corrosion-resistant. Unfortunately ACM is not generally environmentally-friendly and can not be recycled.

ACM was used as cladding in the Grenfell Tower and is easily unfortunately combustable.

Standard Aluminium
So, what about standard Aluminium? We’re glad you asked. This material is really easy to work with and install because of its weight and low density. It’s also quite a lot cheaper than many other metal options (such as Steel), whilst remaining anti-corrosive. Standard Aluminium is inherently very strong, but if you need something even more heavy-duty, then it can easily be welded to other sheets to create a stronger material. Unlike ACM, standard Aluminium is also fully recyclable and can be easily formed to suite your specific needs and projects. Aesthetically, standard Aluminium is very flat and therefore it looks smooth and neat, wherever you decide to use it.

So, which one to use?
Well, let’s examine the similarities first. Both ACM and standard Aluminium are strong, versatile and light when compared to other metals and can both come in a wide range of pleasing colours to suit most needs. 

Standard Aluminium is less prone to any kind of wrinkling after installation and will remain completely flat. ACM panels, on the other hand, are much less impact-resistant which can make them vulnerable in extreme weather conditions and to vandals. Also, if ACM panels have joints that have not been sealed well, moisture will seep into the composite structure and cause damage.

There, we hope that helped convince you why solid Aluminium is the preferred choice, but if you need any further advice then our team are on hand to help you make the best choice and find the perfect way to create your signs.