Standard Size Prices

(Bespoke sizes available)

DesignSizePoster CasesWall Total PricePost Total Price
Arc Header1200 x 925mm1 x A3 Portrait£596.00£950.00
Arc Header1200 x 925mm2 x A4 Portrait£778.00£1132.00
Arc Header1500 x 1150mm1 x A2 Portrait£839.00£1274.00
Arc Header1500 x 1150mm2 x A3 Portrait£1025.00£1460.00
Arc Header1800 x 1475mm1 x A1 Portrait£1283.00£1778.00
Arc Header1800 x 1475mm2 x A2 Portrait£1482.00£1977.00
Arc Header2400 x 1500mm1 x A0 Landscape£1603.00£2048.00
Arc Header2400 x 1500mm2 x A1 Portrait£1839.00£2284.00

Flat1200 x 800mm1 x A3 Portrait£547.00£880.00
Flat1200 x 800mm2 x A4 Portrait£729.00£1062.00
Flat1500 x 1000mm1 x A2 Portrait£737.00£1260.00
Flat1500 x 1000mm2 x A3 Portrait£923.00£1446.00
Flat1800 x 1300mm1 x A1 Portrait£987.00£1638.00
Flat1800 x 1300mm2 x A2 Portrait£1186.00£1837.00
Flat2400 x 1300mm1 x A0 Landscape£1210.00£1980.00
Flat2400 x 1300mm2 x A1 Portrait£1446.00£2216.00

Anti-Graffiti Protective Film
If you are worried about your noticeboard or signage being vandalised, we can add an invisible anti-graffiti film to prevent permanent damage. Should your board be vandalised with graffiti, simply wipe the paint off the film and your noticeboard is restored to it’s original condition. Our Anti-Graffiti Film protects against paint, ink, dirt, grime, permanent marker and other stains. It also helps protect against scratching.

Frame Colours

  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Dark Green
  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Silver Grey
  • Satin Silver
  • Textured Silver
  • Antique Pewter
  • Antique Bronze
  • Polished Silver
  • Polished Gold

The Stormguard Signage & Noticeboards are a great way of showing permanent information such as church service times, together with being able to display changeable information such as posters, notices and announcements in our water and weatherproof cases.

We can design and print just about anything you require including bespoke text, logos, graphics and identities.

Nationwide Noticeboard Installation Service

We don’t just sell noticeboards and signs, we also offer a comprehensive fully insured installation service. Our aim is to offer a complete service. We undertake as much work as possible off-site, simplifying the installation. Our installation teams are highly experienced, and we understand the need for the work to be quick, quiet, clean and safe with the minimum disruption.

All of our installation teams have PASMA and IPAF certificates for working at height and always adhere to our company Health & Safety procedures. We are members of the Safe Contractors Accreditation Scheme and are fully conversant with the recent DDA requirements.

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  • Robust, impact resistant glazing
  • Left, right or top hinged door
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Available as wall mounted, post mounted or “post ready”
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • User-friendly, security Allen Key locks
  • Sleek 40mm depth with concealed hinge
  • Single or multiple poster display formats